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How to use the Visit Scotland Accommodation website to find a property

Visit Scotland Accommodation is an owners advertising website. The properties shown on this site are advertised on behalf of the owner and therefore all the enquiries and bookings/sales are handled by the property owners themselves or their agents, not Visit Scotland Accommodation. This page is a guide on how to use the site.

Searching for a rental property

1. The site has many methods of locating a holiday rental, these are now outlined below.

a. Basic Search, this search is found at the top of each page on the site and allows search of area, type and the number the property sleeps.

b. Advanced Search, this search page is found by the link to Advanced Search located at the top of each property page or the "Find a Property" link in the navigation bar on the left of the page. The advanced search allows you to narrow down the search results.

c. Quick Link searches, are found on the left of each page and narrow down the results of properties, for example, those situated on Golf Courses.

d. If you know the reference number of the property, you can use the drop down box on the top right of each page to carry out a reference number search.

Viewing search results

2. After a search, quick link or on a town page, you will be presented with a list of rental properties. If there is more than one page, you can navigate forward and backward through the results using the arrow keys shown on screen.

3. On each list there are abbreviated details and links to view further details or send an enquiry. Clicking on the image also brings up the property details.

4. Some lists allow you to sort them, please read the notes at the top of each list page.

Searching for a sale property

5. Property for sale can only be located through our Search Real Estate page.

a. Go to the Search Real Estate page, where you will find our sale search engine.

b. Newly listed sale properties are displayed on our Search Real Estate page.

c. Viewing the sale search results is similar to viewing the rental search results.

d. The sale asking price is displayed in Euros and may not be accurate due to Euro Conversion, please contact owner/agent for accurate price.

Sending an enquiry

6. You can use the "Send Enquiry" buttons on each property page as well as the property lists to send an enquiry to the owner/agent. Please fill in as many details as possible to aid the owner in answering your enquiry. It is a good idea to add a contact telephone number, in case the owner has trouble replying to your email. Remember the enquiry is sent directly to the owner, not Visit Scotland Accommodation

7. Please do not send property enquiries to our office as we have no further details than those displayed on the site.

Late deals page

8. The Late Deals page provides a list of Late Availability special offers. You can view the full property details and then send an enquiry direct.

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