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1. Although every care has gone into the design and management of this web site and its subsidiaries, the information has been provided by the owners of the advertised properties or their designated agent. All details including classified listings and links are displayed in good faith and believed to be correct. However, they should not be relied upon as a statement of fact. For this reason, we accept no liability for any errors, omissions, misunderstandings or claims made from a booking/sale or arrangement with an advertiser from these advertisements.

2. Visit Scotland Accommodation only advertises the properties displayed on the site and its subsidiaries, we are not a travel agent/real estate agent nor a holiday booking company and therefore take no responsibility in the management of the rental properties/sale properties or bookings. Please therefore direct all your enquiries to the property owners or their declared property agent by using the enquiry form and/or telephone number (if provided) shown on each property page.

3. Visit Scotland Accommodation has not seen the properties advertised on this site and its subsidiaries and so cannot confirm their legitimacy and therefore we give no guarantee of of the description, standard or validity of the advertised property.

4. Visit Scotland Accommodation recommend that potential renters/buyers confirm all the terms of the proposed rental/sale contract in writing in advance of the booking/purchase and view the property in advance prior to exchange of funds. For real estate purchases, Visit Scotland Accommodation recommend that the potential buyer seek legal advice prior to entering any contract with the vendor or their agent. The real estate price shown may not be accurate due to Euro Conversion, please contact owner/agent for accurate price. Visit Scotland Accommodation recommends that suitable insurance is purchased prior to booking a rental property.

5. Property owners/agents advertising on this site are required to keep the information shown on their property page up to date and accurate. It is the property owners/agents responsibility to ensure that they have copyright, or necessary permission to use the photos/information they enter into the site.

6. Property owners/agents are responsible for answering rental/sale enquiries in a timely manner with accurate information even if the property is already booked.

7. Visit Scotland Accommodation cannot guarantee the number of enquiries any individual property/classified advert or listing may receive.

8. Rates and conditions are subject to change without notice.

9. Further information for owners/agents advertising on this site can be found on our advertising page.

10. Visit Scotland Accommodation maintains the right to remove the properties displayed on our site that do not comply with our disclaimer.

11. Visit Scotland Accommodation maintains the right to edit property pages with the consent of the property owner or their designated agent to comply with our site format.

12. Sale properties will be placed offline after 180 days from initial registration. The property can be placed live again from within the owners area. After 240 days from being placed online, the property will be deleted from our database unless we are informed by email to maintain the advert.

13. Visit Scotland Accommodation cannot prevent spam or fraudulent enquiries being sent through the site. Although we can implement a spam blocker on suspected email addresses once we are made aware of non-bonafide enquiries. Furthermore, Visit Scotland Accommodation cannot accept any responsibility for any communications entered into between a potential client/property owner/agent and any suspected fraudster or spammer. Potential rentors and property owners/agents must remain vigilent from fraudulent enquiries and report any suspicious activity.

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