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http://www.visitscotlandaccommodation.co.uk is part of Visit Scotland Accommodation.

Visit Scotland Accommodation started in 2004 in order to advertise property in Devon and Cornwall with the idea to offer a low cost advertising solution for owners who deal with the bookings and enquiries themselves.

Visit Scotland Accommodation was added in 2002 and various other sites since then with Visit Scotland Accommodation being added in 2005.

The main idea behind the website design is to allow visitors to find properties by using a search facility. Once a property is found the client can contact the owner directly using the enquiry form or telephone number, if provided, on each property page.

As this is an owners advertising rental site, we are unable to answer enquiries regarding property availability and booking information.

Please direct all rental enquiries to the property owners.

Visit Scotland Accommodation only advertises the properties, much like an online classifieds section of a newspaper, we have no involvement in booking or the management of properties.

Please read our Disclaimer.

Thank you for viewing our site, we hope that it helps you to find your chosen property.


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